Why we love it

ReDonkeylously HOT: Hee-Haw ReDonkeylously Hot HorseRadish is the hottest horseradish we've ever made. This is our flagship product because HOT is what horseradish lovers have been demanding from us. So, here you go!

PREMIUM + HAND PEELED: Unlike other horseradishes, Hee-Haw is a Premium Brand because we HAND PEEL all of our horseradish root. This makes Hee-Haw creamier, hotter and definitely less bitter. Try it, you'll love it!

SHELF STABLE: Hee-Haw HorseRadish is 1 year shelf stable...So it's always safe to be out...BUT: Refrigerate After Buying your jar(s) is our advice in order to maintain + prolong that Zesty HOT experience you crave!

INGREDIENTS: Horseradish root (peeled and washed,) white vinegar, water, canola oil, organic cane sugar, salt, xanthan gum, mustard seed oil.
Why we love it


A husband and wife say their family-rooted product is the perfect partner for holiday dinners and hope the Dragons see a hot business opportunity.
  • ReDonkeylously Hot HorseRadish

    ReDonkeylously Hot HorseRadish

    ReDonkeylously Hot...for sure! And you'll love the flavour of the farm fresh Illinois grown horseradish root we use. Of course it's lovingly hand peeled before we small batch make it in Victoria BC. Experience the tingle dancing on your taste buds...right before the heat hits you in the kisser...POW!

    ReDonkeylously Hot HorseRadish


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Take a look at what some of our customers have to say.

"In our family's opinion, Hee-Haw Double Damn Hot is the best horseradish in North America by far."
"The VERY BEST there is....Bar None....!"
"Only Horseradish our family eats now and we have spread the news. Add it to meat balls, meat loaf, always on roast beef. Using it new ways all the time."
"I have a jar of the Damn Hot and it's delicious. World Series and Hee-Haw Horseradish, a combination made in heaven. I haven't found anything that it doesn't go with!!"
"I've met the Maker & Family, they are the real deal, great people, real people, Canadian's from start to finish, oh yeah, the product is the best."
"Hee-Haw is Canada’s First Premium, All Natural, One Year Shelf Stable Damn Hot Horseradish and Damn Hot SeaHorseRadish...A cocktail sauce!"