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Q. Do you still make / sell Double Damn Hot Horseradish?

Yes...as of February 2024 we will be back into producing both Damn Hot and Double Damn Hot varieties.

Q. Why are there so many Zeroes on your Nutritional Facts Table (NFT)?

Jars of Hee-Haw are 250 ml's in size and because it is so robust tasting...just a small amount is needed / used as a single serving. We measure the serving size as 5 ml's (providing 50 servings per jar) and so most categories on the NFT measure at less than 1%...hence being labelled as zero.

Q. Where did the name Hee-Haw come from?

A. The dictionary! Hee-Haw literally means: the loud, harsh cry of a donkey or mule. How perfect is that?! Sadly...our donkey mascot lives on without a name. Have an idea for it? Send it to us at info@heehawhorseradish.com and if we use it we'll send you a case of Damn Hot to share with your friends / family on the house!

Q. Why is your horseradish so expensive?

A. Hee-Haw is a premium hand made product with horseradish root we import all the way to Vancouver Island from the state of Illinois, USA. The price per pound, shipping and brokerage costs we pay for the root is about 4 times the cost of stringy, unpeelable Canadian root so that's a major factor. Keep in mind also that we only use the heart of the vegetable...by peeling the husk off the root (instead of simply washing and grinding it up as other brands do) we lose about 20% of total weight paid for (the undesirable stuff that you would get rid of if you were making it at home!) Add to that the fact that we use only all natural and non-GMO ingredients which are available for purchase at huge premiums to regular ingredients...and that tells the major part of the story. The other element related to our cost are the high margins placed on small business products like ours. The distributors charge margin, the retailers do as well...and we have to make a certain margin ourselves to keep the doors open. As mentioned below...Hee-Haw is a very strong tasting horseradish and it only takes a little bit to get that wonderful ZING going...there are 50 servings in a jar...so it goes a long way. With all of this in mind, we like to say that we'll compete on price when they compete on quality...we can't be touched! Try it and if you're not satisfied, we will e-transfer you your money back!

Q. Do you guarantee your products?

A. Yes! If you're not totally satisfied with your Hee-Haw Horseradish, whether you bought it directly from us at a show, in-store sample day or from a retailer, let us know what you paid for it and we'll send you a full refund. You don't need to return your product if it's been opened, but we will need an image or details of the bottom of the jar showing the best before date and information on exactly where you bought it from. Send that information to us at: info@heehawhorseradish.com If you have unopened jars that you would like to return for a full refund we can do that too, but you will need to pay for return shipping to send the jars back to us. Contact us by email for more information.

Q. What are the Ingredients in Hee-Haw? What makes Hee-Haw so Great?

A. Hee-Haw Damn Hot HorseRadish is small-batch made in Canada from farm fresh (washed and hand peeled...1/4 pound in every jar!) Non-GMO Horseradish Root, Filtered Water, Non-GMO Canola Oil, Sugars (Non-GMO Cane Sugar), Non-GMO White Vinegar, Non-GMO Sea Salt, Non-GMO Psyllium Husk Powder, Non-GMO Natural Mustard Oil. Contains: Mustard. Beautiful ingredients that come together to hit you...Pow! Right in the Kisser!

Q. Do you sell Hee-Haw in stores?

A. Yes. In select stores between BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba. If it's not sold where you shop, try asking for us by name. Maybe they'll bring Hee-Haw in for you...and others to enjoy (and boy would we be appreciative!) Also, use the "Where to Buy" search feature on our website to find Hee-Haw near you. Reload the page if it doesn't work initially or contact us directly for more info about where to buy at info@heehawhorseradish.com

Q. I am a retailer who wants to carry your product...how?

A. We have distributors who service Vancouver Island, the lower mainland and rest of BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba for us. Email us directly at info@heehawhorseradish.com and we'll put you in touch with the proper company who can sell and deliver to you. If you're located East of Manitoba we still may be able to serve you, although we presently don't work with a distributor in your area. Hoping that will change for the better soon!

Q. Why don't you sell East of Manitoba...Like in Ontario?

A. Boy have we been asked that question a LOT! So happy to have so many eager horseradish lovers waiting for us to come East. Simply put, we're getting there but distributors are hesitant to take on products from out of their market. We don't have an ETA for you unfortunately, but it's our big plan. Rest assured. And please check back here from time to time for updates. When we begin to migrate, we'll let you know! Consider asking for Hee-Haw where you shop...Like at Sobey's, Safeway or Whole Foods East of Manitoba...maybe they'll bring it in for you!

Q. Where is Hee-Haw made?

A. Hee-Haw is small-batch, hand made in a Federally Inspected and Registered (CFIA and FDA) Co-Packer located on Vancouver Island BC Canada.

Q. Some jars are Hot...Others, not as much...Why?

A. It's a common theme that ALL brands of horseradish root will cool off naturally a bit in the jar over time. The vinegar eats away at the hot taste. That's why the big brands are usually cold tasting right off the hop - Because they make huge batches and ship far and wide. By the time you open your jar from them it's been around too long to be hot. To battle that cooling off issue we make small batches then store our inventory in refrigeration and you should too! As soon as you buy it, pop it into your fridge. That'll help maintain the ZEST you're looking for. On our end we work hard to supply distributors with jars that have at least 6 months left on the best before date found on the bottom of the jar. This helps ensure you get the wonderful taste and nice heat you're searching for in a prepared horseradish!

Q. My jar didn't 'pop' when I opened it, why?

A. Hee-Haw is a cold fill product...meaning that it is not heated, canned or pasteurized at time of production. If it were...the lid would pop when opened. As it is a cold fill product the best before date on the bottom of the jar starts at time of processing...not opening. Our product is lab tested to be shelf stable for one year...so it's safe to purchase off the shelf or store in your pantry...but to keep it hot, keep it cold...so refrigerate your Hee-Haw after purchasing for highest flavour / taste satisfaction!

Q. Does Hee-Haw need to be refrigerated?

A. No...and YES! Hee-Haw HorseRadish is 1 year shelf stable...So it's safe to be out...BUT: Refrigerate After Buying your jar(s) is our advice in order to maintain + prolong that Zesty HOT experience you crave! Keep it cold to keep it hot, as they say.

Q. Why do you import your horseradish root from Illinois? It's so far away!

A. Because it's the best and biggest root we can find (which is key for the hand peeling process.) And to us it's worth the extra expense and effort to bring it in directly to make sure your Hee-Haw is as good as it can be. The bonus of course is that we love working directly with the farmer and always get their best product. Fresh is best, don't you think?

Q. Is your horseradish a creamed product?

A. Although there are no dairy products in Hee-Haw it's considered a creamed variety for the fact that it's blended smoothly with some striations of root still in there for a great in-mouth feel.

Q. How big are your jars?

A. Hee-Haw Damn Hor HorseRadish comes in 250 ml jars which is equivalent to about 8 ounces. What you'll find is that just a little dab of Hee-Haw is all you need and if you refrigerate the jar it will last you waay longer than our competitors. Unless you eat it all real fast! One serving is measured at 5 ml so there are 50 servings per jar. If you find it too hot...try mixing it with a bit of sour cream or mayonnaise...or with ketchup or chili sauce for an amazing cocktail sauce to enjoy with shrimp / prawns!

Q. I have other questions not addressed here. How can I reach you?

A. Email us anytime at info@heehawhorseradish.com and we'll respond asap!