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Q. Do you sell Hee-Haw in stores?
A. Yes. In select stores...Only in British Columbia, Canada.

Q. Where is Hee-Haw made?
A. Hee-Haw is small batch made in a Federally Inspected and Registered Co-Packer in Vancouver BC Canada.

Q. How much is shipping?
A. Shipping to Canadian Addresses is FREE when you spend $39 or more and we charge a flat rate of $10.99 Canadian for orders below $39. Flat rate shipping to the US is $14.99. Shipping charges are far below actual Canadian + USA national carrier rates which ring in at about $17 from Victoria to Toronto and $29+ to NY. We cover whatever shortfall there is and hope to make it up with stellar sales from uber happy repeat customers like you (and your referrals to friends and family)!

Q. Do you ship to the States?
A. Yes. All prices are in Canadian dollars and your transaction will be converted to USD automatically at the prevailing exchange rate by your credit card company.

Q. Why is shipping to the US higher?

A. Shipping costs to the US from Canada are significantly higher than in-Canada domestic rates so we're forced to charge a higher base-rate before covering the balance. But, our Canadian Dollar pricing gives you roughly a 20% discount on both our products and shipping costs...So then that's pretty good though, eh?

Q. Why should I buy Hee-Haw online?
A. Hee-Haw is available in select BC stores...and where it's not, buying direct from us means you're getting the freshest, hottest and best tasting horseradish from as close to just off the production line as possible. It's probably the closest thing to making it yourself. (And that's if you had an A+ secret family recipe to follow!)

Q. What makes your stuff so good?
A. Hee-Haw ReDonkeylously Hot HorseRadish is small-batch made in Canada from farm-fresh + imported Illinois horseradish root (hand peeled and washed,)...white vinegar, water, canola oil, organic cane sugar, salt, xanthan gum & mustard seed. Beautiful ingredients that come together to hit you...Pow! Right in the Kisser!

Q. Why do you import your root from Illinois?
A. Because it's the best. And to us it's worth the extra expense and effort to bring it in direct to make sure your Hee-Haw is as good as it can be. The bonus of course is that we love working directly with the farmer and always get their best product. Fresh is best, don't you think?

Q. Does Hee-Haw need to be refrigerated?
A. No. Hee-Haw HorseRadish is 1 year shelf stable...So it's safe to be out...BUT: Refrigerate After Buying your jar(s) is our advice in order to maintain + prolong that Zesty HOT experience you crave!

Q. Why do you sell 12 + 24 packs?
A. The 3 and 6 packs are the most popular products we have...but we also sell a good number of 12 and 24 packs to folks who like to Really share with their family and friends. On a per jar basis it's the cheapest way to go.

Q. How big are your jars?
A. Hee-Haw ReDonkeylously Hot HorseRadish comes in 125 ml jars which is equivalent to about 4 ounces. What you'll find is that just a little dab of Hee-Haw is all you need and if you refrigerate the jar it will last you probably as long as a much milder product in a jar double the size.