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Q. Why are shipping charges so high?

A. Hee-Haw is a dense product that comes in glass jars so it's heavy to ship. Hee-Haw does not gross up your shipping charges. The cost you see at checkout for shipping is to your particular address and is quoted for expedited packages directly through Canada Post.

Q. Why does it cost $20 for two jars?

A. Hee-Haw is a premium product that sells for over $10 each retail in stores. There is added expense to handling and packaging which we cover. Larger orders of Hee-Haw enjoy discounts to the two jar price. The Hee-Haw you're receiving is straight from the co-packer so you're assured of a zesty, hot experience. 

Q. Why don't you ship to the USA?

A. Unfortunately at the present time Shopify only offers transactions in one currency and for us that is Canadian dollars. Sorry :( As well, FDA rules and regs require a lot of paperwork to ship food South of our border and we're just not equipped to handle this level of admin.

Q. When do you ship our order?

A. Within 24 hours of receiving your order. It takes generally 7 to 10 days to ship from us in Victoria to points in Ontario for example. 

Q. What are the Ingredients in Hee-Haw? What makes Hee-Haw so Great?

A. Hee-Haw Damn Hot and Double Damn Hot HorseRadishes are small-batch made in Canada from farm-fresh + imported Illinois horseradish root (hand peeled and washed,)...white vinegar, water, canola oil, organic cane sugar, salt, xanthan gum & mustard seed oil. Beautiful ingredients that come together to hit you...Pow! Right in the Kisser!

Q. Do you sell Hee-Haw in stores?

A. Yes. In select stores between BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba.

Q. Why don't you sell East of Manitoba...Like in Ontario?

Boy have we been asked that question a LOT! So happy to have so many eager horseradish lovers waiting for us to come East. Simply put, we're getting there but distributors are hesitant to take on products from out of their market. We don't have an ETA for you unfortunately, but it's our big plan. Rest assured. And please check back here from time to time for updates. When we begin to migrate, we'll let you know! Consider asking for Hee-Haw where you shop...Like at Sobey's...maybe they'll bring it in for you!

Q. Where is Hee-Haw made?

A. Hee-Haw is small-batch made in a Federally Inspected and Registered Co-Packer located on Vancouver Island BC Canada.

Q. Some jars are Hot...Others, not as much...Why?

It's a common theme that ALL brands of horseradish root will cool off naturally a bit in the jar over time. That's why the big boys are usually cold tasting. To battle that we store our inventory in refrigeration and you should too! As soon as you buy it pop it into your fridge. That'll help maintain the zest you're looking for.

Q. Why do you import your root from Illinois? It's so far away!

A. Because it's the best. And to us it's worth the extra expense and effort to bring it in direct to make sure your Hee-Haw is as good as it can be. The bonus of course is that we love working directly with the farmer and always get their best product. Fresh is best, don't you think?

Q. Does Hee-Haw need to be refrigerated?

A. No...and YES! Hee-Haw HorseRadish is 1 year shelf stable...So it's safe to be out...BUT: Refrigerate After Buying your jar(s) is our advice in order to maintain + prolong that Zesty HOT experience you crave! Keep it cold to keep it hot, as they say.

Q. How big are your jars?

A. Hee-Haw Damn and Double Damn Hot HorseRadishes come in 250 ml jars which is equivalent to about 8 ounces. What you'll find is that just a little dab of Hee-Haw is all you need and if you refrigerate the jar it will last you waay longer than our competitors. Unless you eat it all real fast!  

Q. I have other questions not addressed here. How can I reach you?

A. email us anytime at info@heehawhorseradish.com and we'll respond asap!