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Hee-Haw Horseradish. The Hottest Horseradish.

Hee-Haw Horseradish is a family owned company and is small-batch made in a CFIA and FDA licensed co-packer on Vancouver Island in BC, Canada. We hand peel all of our root to work with just the heart of the vegetable and make Hee-Haw as hot as we can from our very old and very secret family recipe because we know HOT is what Real Horseradish Lovers CRAVE & DEMAND! Hee-Haw DELIVERS on Heat, Taste and 100% Premium Quality! It's so good, that even a very little bit goes a long way...You'll see!

In the beginning...We were frustrated by the lack of great tasting, hot horseradish options available on the market. Every brand we tried was full of muck and definitely not hot...so we set out to do something about that in 2014 and boy are we glad we did. Horseradish lovers have responded in droves and after trying it they tell their friends and family and from those humble roots we are slowly growing. As Western Canada's only commercially produced horseradish brand, today we are proud to offer Canada's only All Natural and non-GMO prepared, creamed horseradish variety through the provinces of BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba and we are positioned to grow even further East with eyes on expansion to Ontario as well. Hee-Haw is only available in retail outlets unless you catch us at a craft sale or trade show. Our main partners are some Thrifty Foods locations, Safeway and Sobey's West and Whole Foods West. We are also stocked at many of the finest meat and specialty shops around. With a robust distribution model already in place...If you don't find us where you shop...consider asking for them to bring us in for you. We would be eternally grateful for the support! Enjoy!!